On Wednesday, just before 4 pm, users of the Biedronka app received a series of unusual messages. At the same time, problems with the operation of the application began to appear.


Representatives of the Pedronka press office responded to our inquiry regarding unusual messages received by store customers. As we read in the answer, there was human error, so the application testing was done in the wrong environment.

“We have already taken the necessary steps to remove the bug in the Biedronka app – allowing users to return to full functionality. Please be aware that push notification sent to users will be executed in a test environment. There was a human error on the part of our external partner, with whom we are cooperating We apologize to all customers – We read in the letter sent by Biedronka.

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Readers who have received strange notifications from the Biedronki application come to the dobreprogramy.pl editorial office. Not everyone received the same messages. Some received less, others more, but a total of four letters were probably sent, with the text “p2” (twice), “pusca” and “can”. This is likely due to improper application testing, but this is not certain.

Doubts are related to the fact that at the same time problems with the operation of the application began to occur. An attempt to use it failed. You can read a message that there was a problem connecting to the Biedronka servers. Suggestion from app developers is network connection problem.

Biedronka has not yet published any message regarding the messages sent, as well as problems with the operation of the application itself. The editorial office of dobreprogramy.pl sent an inquiry to the press office in Pedronka. This entry will be updated when the company shares information with us about the causes of the accident.

Some time ago, a similar situation occurred with mBank customers. At the time, notifications were also sent to users of the mobile app, which didn’t seem to make much sense. issue Described in the pages of dobreprogramy.pl.

Karol Kotowski, journalist at dobreprogramy.pl

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