Karolina Szymczak played Brad Pitt

Not only Peter Adamczyk an act international career. his wife – Karolina Szymczakappeared recently In the movie “Babylon” play out Brad Pitt. The star complimented her.

Karolina Szymczak played Brad Pitt

Piotr Adamczyk debuted in 2021 in hit marvel – Series “hook”embodied One of the important characters. his partner Achievement exceeded the beloved. She went with herself Brad Pitt.

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The actress was the guest of the show “Good Morning TVN”that you talked about Behind the scenes of mass production innovation “Babylon”. I also participated Flavors behind the scenes featuring Pete. It turns out that Adamczyk wasn’t jealous at all About my love. Well, for what reason Because they are a loving, confident couple? Szymczak’s betrayal What her husband jokingly told her before going to the set.

He said one thing to me: “If you’re going to leave me for anyone in your life, it can only be Brad Pitt,” so I green-lit it.

The woman revealed too How did it feel to be with a Hollywood star?

At first, when we were supposed to introduce ourselves, he was very shy, very awkward. I think that is exactly what it is. After the scene, he hugged me, so we had that physical contact anyway, and it was very private, and it was very sweet.

Karolina Szymczak She admitted that her role did The impression is on the crew, the cast members and especially on the star.

I had a really stressful scene with him and got a round of applause from the crew after that scene. Brad Pitt came up to me, hugged me and said that he was in shock, because he has been in this profession for 33 years and has not seen such a performer for a long time. He was very nice to me.

as you see, Polish actors are slowly taking over Hollywood.

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‘Babylon’: Karolina Szymczak on backstage for her role in the Hollywood production

Szymczak admitted that too How did you get the role in the movie? It turns out that She was not particularly interested in participating in the production. The actress participated in online casting, We do not count on anything special, but after some time a manager contacted her, who confirmed that the creators of “Panelon” were interested in another sample of talent. this time Szymczak had to play in Hungarian. As she revealed, she didn’t have much time to get ready.

I had some Hungarian language notes stuck to the back of the wall and taped them. They liked it very much and I got the role. Little did I know that it would be a role with Brad Pitt, that I would stand with him on the set and play my part with him.

Babylon on it Comedy-drama directed by Damien Chazelle. In addition to Pitt, they starred in the main roles Margot RobbieAnd the Diego Calva, Jean Smart, Jovan Adepo, and Lee Jun Lee. The story follows the ups and downs of a group of characters through the ages A revolution in cinematography – the advent of sound films. Premiere of the film “Babylon” scheduled for December 23, 2022.


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