An Oscar winner from Quebec this evening?  “He has a one in five chance, better than the lottery!”

Another Quebecer could receive an Oscar on Sunday evening. Director Vincent René-Lortie and his film Invincible Nominated for the Best Short Film Award.

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And for producer and Academy member Roger Frappier, success was impossible.

“He has a one in five chance, which is better than the lottery!”, he told LCN.

The producer has only good words Invincible.

“It's a film that really affected me, especially because it's based on a true story and I think it's something that people in the Academy will love.”

One thing is for sure, Mr. It wasn't chance that led Rene-Lorde to the stage of the Dolby Theatre.

“The academy receives hundreds or thousands of short films. There was an initial selection of fifteen shorts, and he was one of 15. Then he found himself shortlisted from the five who were actually nominated,” explains Roger Frappier.

“He really deserves to be there, with his amazing image, and we wish him the best of luck this evening, even though he's up against some big names,” he added.

Quebec cinema artisans have been well represented at the Oscars in recent years, notably with Patrice Vermette in 2022 and Sylvain Bellemare in 2017, with numerous films by Denis Villeneuve winning statues and accolades.

“Québec has a lot of talent, I would say more talent than we can produce,” maintains Roger Frappier.

“Québec is located geographically and culturally at the confluence of America and Europe. I often say that Quebec cinema is a European scene with American production. We are lucky to have two great cultures between us,” he explains.

Quebec artisans have developed a way of making things recognized that is now recognized elsewhere in the world.

“Québec cinema is recognized around the world as Italian, Spanish and German cinema”

Watch the video above to watch the full interview.

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