November 30, 2022


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Mr.  Legault must weigh his words

Mr. Legault must weigh his words

Mr. Legault faced the problem of organizing his cabinet. Many are chosen, some are called.

He admitted to revising his list of ministers several times, crossing out one name and adding another… End to Suspense This Thursday afternoon, we got the end of our Prime Minister’s puzzle.

Asked by reporters about the rigors of the task, Mr. Legault responded.

Like a little Sophia’s wish

Sophie’s choice An English expression that refers to having to make a decision in the face of a heartbreaking and unbearable choice.

What is Sophie’s wish?

The agony of a beautiful young woman having to choose between two wedding dresses?

Sophia’s wishThe title of William Styron’s novel was brought to the screen in the 1980s by Alan Bakula.

The film sheds light on the plight of a Polish survivor of concentration camps and refugees in America after the war.

A woman with a troubled past will uncover a terrible secret that haunts her.

She was taken to Auschwitz with her two children, where, upon her arrival, a soldier forced her to choose the worst torture.

One of his two children must perish in the gas chamber, or they will both be killed. The girl will die…

Sophie will survive with this weight on her conscience, but unable to get rid of it, she will kill herself.

Meryl Streep played this role well.

The weight of words…

This answer by François Legault may seem innocuous to many, but I can’t help but see a certain drift in it.

We are in the era of PunchA killer question, a metaphor for spanking, but “Sophie’s Choice” has nothing to do with forming a cabinet.

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Fortunately, none of the companions die from François’s choices.