An irony about the disappointing results of the new tactical RPG from the creators of Shadowrun and BattleTech
12 October 2023, at 07:58

Paradox has admitted that RPG The Lamplighters League by Harebrained Schemes sold below expectations.

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There are new sad reports about Harebrained Schemes studio. Well, one of the studio employees, who introduced himself as AngryMobofSteve, shared his opinion on the forum Reset the era News hereby:

About 80% of the studio was laid off in July (I was one of those injured!). There will likely be a press release about this eventually, nothing has been announced yet. However, you can reach many former HBS employees who have been job searching on LinkedIn in recent months.

The paradox was about to be confirmed (aka computer games) that layoffs have already occurred, although their extent is not stated.

Interestingly, according to the same developer, there has been an opportunity to create a new version for a while BattleTecha, but the idea failed due to the fact that the license for this brand was still managed by Microsoft, and Paradox wanted “the IP to be in their hands”. As the interested party itself claims, trademarks Run shadow I BattleTech They were never owned by Harebrained Schemes – “both were licensed under an agreement with Microsoft.”

Original post (October 11)

Lamplighters League, a tactical RPG produced by Harebrained Schemes, was a financial failure.

  1. Paradox, the game publisher and owner of Harebrained Schemes, I reportedwhich Lampletters Association You have not achieved the expected success and are expected to incur losses.
  2. The publisher is clearly disappointed with this situation, as it is a successful game, but it simply did not find a sufficient audience. The title performs better on Game Pass, but that can’t save its financial results.
  3. The game’s reception on Steam is very warm – with 73% of user reviews praising it Lampletters LeagueWhich the site rates as “mostly positive” reception for the production. The problem is that there are only 134 of these reviews, which shows how little popularity this title has.
  4. Data on activity level on Steam is also very poor. The record was set on the day of the premiere only 773 players playing simultaneously. This is the worst result ever in Harebrained Schemes studio’s achievements – it is even considered a failure graveyard It boasts a record number of 5,000 simultaneous users.
  5. Of course, it should be added to the results Lampletters Association From Steam does not fully reflect the popularity of the game, it is also available in the Epic Games Store and on the Xbox Series

Lamplighters Association – Reasons for failure

The question arises: what is the reason for poor sales? Lampletters Association As a brand new franchise, it’s likely had more hacking problems than the studio’s previous productions, which are set in the well-known and popular Battletech and Shadowrun universes. Some players also complained about the high price (231.99 Polish zloty). Additionally, it’s hard not to get the impression that Paradox made a mistake by releasing the game during a period full of high-budget premieres.

  1. The Lamplighters League – the game’s official website

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