just here!  When will Lewandowski return?  “I won’t force myself to play”

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Robert Checkel

– There is no return date – he said in WP SportoweFakty. The Polish national team striker is still recovering from an ankle injury and will not play against the Faroe Islands.

On Thursday, Polish fans will be excited for the upcoming match between the Whites and the Reds in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. In the first appearance of coach Michal Probers, our team will play away from home against the Faroe Islands.

Robert Lewandowski will not play in this match, after suffering a recent injury against Porto in the Champions League. The FC Barcelona striker and Polish national team captain gave an exclusive interview with WP SportoweFakty’s Piotr Kominski on Thursday.

What does the rehabilitation process look like now? Is there a chance we will see Lewy in El Clásico against Real Madrid on October 28?

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– From Wednesday to Friday I rested. I’ve been working out and rehabbing since Friday. Save my legs, 7-10 days. This is the most important time to rest your ankle. There will be a lot to say next week, but it looks better than a lot of people think. There is no return date. It all depends on how the leg reacts. TRUE? “If I wasn’t fit, I wouldn’t force myself to play,” he admitted.

In light of Lewandowski’s absence from the Polish national team, a new captain had to be chosen. Coach Michał Probierz finally chose Piotr Zieliński. How did the White and Reds star comment on this choice?

– Piotrek Zieliński is such a mature player that I feel calm. For me, the Captain theme is very overrated in Poland. There are eleven players on the field and the captain’s role is not that important. “One person does not decide fate so much,” Lewandowski said. Then he was asked about the new issue of ZIL, which he took over from Grzegorz Krychowiak.

-The number 10 looks better on Zieliński’s back than Krychowiak’s, although I haven’t seen it yet. But I always said jokingly: “The stinking ten and you are like two poles” (laughter).

Now the most important thing is the match against the Faroe Islands. In Warsaw, we had a lot of problems with this opponent, and two goals from Lewy saved us in the end. It won’t get any easier now. What can we expect?

– In my opinion, the Faroe Islands will play more offensively. I hope they are not five in defence. It will be a difficult match. He admitted that I was counting on a good opportunity for Michel Probers’ team.

At one point, a question was raised about the 35-year-old’s future in the national team. Recently, rumors began to spread that he was close to bidding farewell to the national team. However, Lewy reassured his fans that he will not make any decision until the end of Euro 2024. For now, he is just focusing on getting healthy.

The Barcelona player also commented on the change of coach. He admitted that he met Probers years ago when he wanted to bring him to Jagiellonia Białystok. He also revealed that he did not learn of the election of Fernando Santos’ successor until after the fact. He also promised that the coach can count on his full support.

The interview also included what happened on TikTok. It was noted that Lewandowski retweeted a video of Donald Tusk’s speech. Was this his way of supporting the leader of the Civic Coalition? None of these things, and the footballer admitted that he did it by accident when he was browsing the application with his daughter.

You can watch the entire conversation with Robert Lewandowski below (starts at 13:40):

Poland will play against the Faroe Islands on Thursday, October 12 at 8:45 p.m. Lewandowski admitted that he was a little nervous while waiting for the starting whistle. He added that he would watch the match at his home.

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