Magda Lynet advanced to the second round in Miami!  Great fight of a Polish woman

For the Polish tennis player, the period of the year was not very successful. So far, Linette has played nine matches in different tournaments and won only three of them. The competitor from Poznan tried her hand at the BNP Paribas Open 2022 in Indian Wells two weeks ago. She ended her performances in the first round, losing to Australian actress, Astra Sharma.

The match against China’s Qinwen Zheng started very poorly as Linette lost her application in the first match. The Chinese woman had a few strokes on the line, and the Polish woman was having trouble receiving her returns. However, it soon turned out that both tennis players … were upset with the service. In the second match, Zheng had many problems regarding transmission accuracy and was also broken.

The third jewel also brought a breakthrough. It was clear that both players felt better about receiving the favor than forcing the course of the game. In the next part of the set, Zheng again made double serve faults, easily throwing the ball out of the field.

In the end, in the fifth match of the first set, Poland managed to hold the application. You can see the confidence in the service, as well as in bringing the whole match to a happy final. Linette took the lead and lifted him up in the next match, when he surprised Zheng, among others, with daring plays on the net.

The seventh jewel brought the most feelings. Lynette had the chance to win the game several times, but the Chinese woman did not give up. She herself got one break point, but the Polish woman was in great shape. In the end, she won the longest match in this group.

But then Cheng put in second gear. The Polish woman made minor mistakes again and did not look like the player in more than ten minutes – brave, confident and smarter than her opponent. The Chinese took advantage of Lynette’s lack of interest and won three games in a row, resulting in a 5:5 situation.

Both players won their next serve and it led to the tiebreak. In it, Linette began with great courage, having already made a small breakthrough on the third exchange. A particular game gave Poland three fixed balls – we were able to use the second.

The second set started great for the Polish woman, because she immediately broke her competition. But later it was not so great – after 2-0 for Linette Zheng, she won three more matches. Both tennis players, unlike the first match, kept their serve.

Finally, in the ninth game of the second set, although the Chinese were already 30-0 ahead on their side, the Polish player did not give up and was able to reverse the score. She led 5:4 and confidently won the next match, ending the encounter after Zheng’s foul.

Linnet’s next match will be a more difficult task: the opponent will be the 10th rocket in the world – Tunisian Anas Jaber.

Magda Lynette – Qinwen Zheng 7:6 (4), 6:4

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