An actress from “The Scott Brothers” series talks about her 10 years as a cult figure

Actress and singer Bethany Joy Lens says she suffered 10 years of “emotional abuse” while filming the hit series “The Scott Brothers.”

First on the “Drama Queens” podcast, then in interviews with various media outlets, including the press VarietyThe 42-year-old artist has lifted the curtain on this painful chapter of her life.

Bethany Joy Lenz, who grew up in a very religious Christian family, says she slowly transitioned to an unnamed denomination after joining a simple Bible study group.

“Then I joined another. When I moved to another state or another city, I joined another group,” he says.

The friendships she developed in these groups grew deeper and deeper, making her more vulnerable, says Bethany Joy Lens.

The latter says that the leader of these Bible study groups is a “socialist” who heads a network of mainly young men in their early twenties.


However, the interpreter of Hayley Scott’s character notes that she entered the category shortly after her debut in the series, which made her known to the general public.

The artist says that the production of the show “Les Freres Scott” and his co-stars knew about the membership of this section and tried to expel him.

“I was very stubborn. I was committed to what I believed were the best choices I could make,” he explains.

However, the sect redoubled its efforts to isolate him and make him lose confidence in those close to him, including the team of the TV series.


Bethany Joy Lenz is expected to provide more details about her years in the department in a book due out in 2024.

The singer will also release a new album on August 18.

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