Elle fait un selfie maIs oublie de vérifier l'arrière plan, on voit tous la même chose

There is no day without taking a photo or taking a selfie on our smartphone. In this article, we will look at different scenes with details that make our spine tremble. At the time the selfie was taken, people did not notice that there were strange things in the background. After finding the photos below, you can try to find the wrong details in the cover photo!

You can hide different things in a selfie …

Before trying to find the awkward aspect of selfie on the cover of this article, we will share with you the different scenes we found on the internet. Some scary and unresolved!

A ghost in the mirror

A very superstitious family, the priest blessed the girl’s room …

Group of friends on the beach

Simple photo of girlfriends on the beach? An intruder slipped into the photo and was just as fun as the band!

Rihanna and Katy Perry are good friends

If you do not know, Rihanna and Katy Perry are very good friends in life. Every time they see each other at events they never leave each other. But, this particular photo has frightened Netizens. In fact, there is a face under Katie’s chair to the bottom right of the photo. Did anyone try to see you under the singer’s costume? Photo editing after trial in fact!

A selfie in the woods

Bergie and Lisa are close sisters. One summer, they take a selfie in the quiet jungle of Idaho. Way to remember this little walk. As they stared at the film, they noticed a strange pattern in the background. The young women began to run as fast as they could to escape.

The person who infiltrates the house

This is a very classic day for the girl in the selfie. She had gone shopping and was trying on her new clothes. She looks at the photo and sees an intruder in her room… Actually, she does not know it, but it’s her sister’s boyfriend. Fear for life for that young woman …

A man is hiding under the bed

One day, a father comes home earlier than expected. In fact, most of the time, he came to dinner at 8pm, but this time he made an exception and returned at 6:30 pm, the father wanted to announce a good news to his family: he got a promotion! The latter takes a picture of his beloved daughter. He leaves the room and sends the snapshot to his parents and grandparents. The latter immediately noticed a suspicious detail… frightened, the father reappeared in his young man’s room at full speed and found her in the arms of a boy… her boyfriend… at least, the introductions were made!

Dangerous selfie

An innocent selfie, but it would endanger him Young Daughter. In fact, there is a snake in the tree that she does not see.

Magician or ghost?

Have you ever seen a creature that appears to be walking towards a woman? However, both claim to have been actually alone in the park. In fact, no photo appeared on the horizon after the selfie

She is not alone in the forest

Forests are mysterious places … you See Shadows in the background? Couples never know what it is

A successful photobomb!

An intruder is embedded in the photo of this young couple. And let’s just say he positioned himself where needed!

One more leg

This is an old photo taken in 1962. If you look closely, it looks like it has extra legs. Behind The man on the right. Don’t worry, it’s not a ghost, the kid who was running, got himself together last time.

His dead ex-boyfriend reappears in a selfie

In the middle of a shopping session with friends, young women take selfies. The beauty in the photo cried with horror when she saw the photo above and the face of a man. His ex-girlfriend who died two years ago. Did he want to send her a sign?

A creature in the sea

A casual afternoon at sea, shared between surfing and beach volleyball. But, do you see this strange pattern and The biggest At sea? The siblings did not return to the bath, officials said. It turned out to be the dead lion’s mane jellyfish. For information, this is one of the largest species of jellyfish.

Haunted house

The decoration has its own essence and is with us Impression Must be in an old haunted house. And when you look at the weird face under the cushion … the photo spread on the internet. But, really, it’s the clich of an Icelandic independent film.

Pond monster

Is this also a movie scene? Oops! A baby bus crashed into a river. 52 school students were injured. Journalists filmed the place Accident Only then did they discover this pattern hidden behind the trees.

If so, do you see anything weird in the cover selfie? Dear readersObjekoWe look forward to your feedback!

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