An accident in the Red Sea.  Cut main cables

Cable networks were damaged Asia-Africa-Europe 1, Europe-India Gateway, SECOM, and TGN-Gulf – Reported by specialists from HGC Global Communications.

According to the American company Secom, preliminary tests indicate this point The cut cable is located in the territorial waters of Yemen.

The Associated Press reported that Yemeni separatists – the Houthis – claim they did not cut the cables. They accuse Western countries of launching military operations in the region.

However, the fact that the recognized Yemeni government warned a month ago of an expected rebel attack on undersea telecommunications and internet cables may work against the separatists.

Cables were cut at the bottom of the Red Sea

However, it is not clear Whether the Houthis possess the technical means that would allow them to cut submarine cables.

It could have been cut off by accident, due to anchors dropped by a ship that was immobilized by Houthi attacks. This will only become clear when specialists inspect the cables on site.

See: Yemen. The United States shot down Houthi drones. The devices were ready to attack

Currently by There are 14 cables running through the Red Sea. There are plans to install six more. It is estimated that 25 percent of data traffic between Asia and Europe was disrupted.

HGC said it has taken measures to mitigate any disruption to its customers by rerouting data to Europe via cables in mainland China and under the Pacific Ocean to the United States, as well as using remaining cables in the Red Sea.

Houthi attacks in the Red Sea

Houthi attacks continue to increase Since November last year. The rebels carry out attacks on ships linked to Israel. They claim to be working to support the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

In response to increasing attacks not only on military ships, but also on cargo ships, United States of America and Great Britain They carried out several bombing operations The goals of the Houthis in Yemen. Despite numerous attacks and warnings from world leaders, the rebels continue their operations. They stated that they would not stop their work until Israel ends the war.

The attacks made it more difficult Crossing the Red Sea and its surroundings. To date, approximately 12% of this area has been managed. Global maritime trade. Some ships decide to take longer detours for fear of the consequences.

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