Cereals from Ukraine.  Volodymyr Zelensky: the first million tons were exported

As Zelensky said 44 grain ships have been sent to 15 countries. Ukraine has already received requests for the extradition of 70 more. Ultimately, the authorities in Kyiv want to increase exports to 3 million tons per month.

– Ukrainian grain and return our supplies to world markets It will avoid chaos in these markets, alleviate food crisis and prevent catastrophic shortages – Zelensky confirmed.

The Ukrainian president added that the export of food will also enable Ukraine Create new jobs and ensure the implementation of the 2023 seed campaign.

“Our partners bear full responsibility for preventing any Russian provocations and disruption of exports,” Zelensky said.

As reported by Ukrinform, as of August 25 this year Ukrainian farmers harvested 25.3 million tons of grainwith.

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