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Netanyahu’s right-wing parties won 62 seats according to public broadcaster Kan and Channel 13, and 61 seats according to Channel 12, in the 120-seat Knesset. Such results mean that he will be able to form an independent government – backed by ultra-nationalist and ultra-Orthodox parties.

The first survey results assume that the outgoing coalition is led by the first show Jaira Lapida will win 54-55 seats.

Final results – expected at the end of the week – may vary, but the poll predicts a better-than-expected result for the right. This is the fifth parliamentary election in Israel In less than four years. Internal security and inflation dominated the campaign.

Benjamin Netanyahu held the position of Prime Minister of Israel twice – in 2009-2021 and 1996-1999. He deals with accusations of corruption that he constantly rejects.

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Surprise in Israel. Pre-election polls don’t indicate a winner

the last one Polls Pre-election does not indicate a clear winner. Netanyahu’s main rival is the centrist politician who helped remove him from office in the middle of last year. Jair Lapid, vote today in phone Aviv said this:

these choices [wybór] Between the future and the past. So come and vote today for the future of our children and the future of our country.

Israelis chose the new Knesset for the fifth time since 2019.

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Biden slept or looked down? A critical moment in a meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel

Ntanhago faces 13 years in prison

Ntanhago is accused of corruption, although he himself denies these accusations. In November 2019, Netanyahu was formally accused of accepting financial benefits and fraud. This means he could face up to 13 years in prison. These allegations are the result of an investigation into the acceptance of financial benefits from businessmen, as well as the agreement of the Likud leader with the Israeli press baron, Aaron Mozes.

Fifth elections in four years. Israel votes again

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