An accident in the Gulf of Oman.  Iran seized an American oil tanker

Iran seized an oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman. Armed men reportedly boarded the ship and ordered it to sail to an Iranian port. The ship was loaded with tons of crude oil. This is likely in retaliation for the US seizure of oil while implementing sanctions on Iran last year.

Iran seized an oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman The flag of the Marshall Islands is raised. According to the BBC, armed men wearing masks boarded the ship near the Omani port of Sohar. They ordered the crew to change course and sail towards the Iranian port. The destination of the so-called “Saint Nicholas” was supposed to be a port in Turkey.

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There were 18 Filipinos and a Greek national on board during the seizure. The ship was loaded at the time 145 thousand tons of crude oil.

Communication with the ship was lost and the machine disappeared from radar. The United States called for the immediate release of the ship and its crew. They described Iran's seizure of the tanker as “An attempt to disrupt international trade“.

Capture of an American tanker. Iranian media claim this is revenge

Iranian official media reported this The tanker's detention came in response to the United States' seizure of an oil ship last year.. The ship was seized in April 2023 as part of implementing sanctions against Iran.

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The company that rented the car at the time She later pleaded guilty to the conspiracy It aims to violate sanctions by secretly selling crude oil abroad on behalf of Iran.

According to information, Thursday's incident is not related to the Houthi rebel attacks in the Red Sea. Yemeni fighters recently attacked several commercial ships there. These actions were intended to be oppositional Israeli missions in the Gaza Strip.

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