Another crowd is coming in Russia.  The words of a retired general - o2

Ukrainians want to spoil Vladimir Putin’s birthday. This was announced by Vladimir Soloviev, the leading advocate of the Kremlin, in his program. The journalist presented as a fact the hypothesis that the fighting on the front will become more intense in the coming days, because the Ukrainians “love symbolism” and their goal is to destroy the birthday of the Russian president.

In a long soliloquy, Soloviev complained about the Russian failures. He emphasized that the Ukrainians are successful in the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic, despite the fact that the Kremlin boasted of “cleansing” these areas of enemy forces.

Americans say frankly that they will go at this pace [Ukraińcy] through the Kherson region and may take control of Crimea by the new year, said Soloviev shrugged.

He also drew attention to the voices of protesters who complained about the lack of food, clothes and equipment. He presented it as a problem, not a presentation and organization problem, but a propaganda problem. In his opinion, it should be dealt with by counterintelligence and military courts.

Another crowd is coming in Russia. The words of a retired general

Soloviev’s guest comforted him, noting that with some problems, but there were still 300,000. The crowd began training and quickly moved forward. Retired General Andrei Gorolov emphasized that conscripts learn everything quickly because “everyone learns quickly under fire.”

Retired military personnel admitted that Russia has a “system of lies” And a willingness to show success, even when you haven’t really achieved anything. Gorolov stressed that, in his opinion, the mobilization was announced too late “to say the least”. It is believed that only 300 thousand were mobilized. People for reasons including economic.

But guys, let’s face it: There will likely come a time when more people will be mobilized. So why have we only mobilized 300,000 so far? Because these are our current possibilities – said the Russian politician.

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