Traces of ancient civilizations at the bottom of the Baltic Sea

Scientists explain that traces of ancient civilizations may have remained Hidden from our eyes due to the prevailing ice age. Only 15 thousand years ago, when it was a fact that, among other things, in Europe, sea level was about 130 meters lower than it is today. The inhabitants had an additional 3 million square kilometers of land at their disposal.

The retreat of the ice sheet northward may have buried traces of ancient societies. At that time, they lived on the banks of rivers, lakes and islands. And now they are gone forever. The landscape has changed dramatically. So We must look for traces of inhabitants at the bottom of the Baltic SeaBecause, as scientists point out, they should be kept there in the best possible condition and be most accessible.

– Hidden underwater landscapes of the continental shelf It constitutes a major gap in our understanding of human historyTheir study represents a challenge on a global scale. This project will provide the necessary focus of resources and expertise to make critical progress in expanding our knowledge, particularly in exploring deeper areas inundated by post-glacial sea level rise, explains Jeff Bailey, a SUBNORDICA participant.

Scientists do not hide that building wind farms in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea is beneficial to their project, because digging at the bottom of the sea and securing the area may lead to the discovery of valuable archaeological sites. At the same time, researchers confirm this They want to protect these treasures of human development from new environmental investmentswhich may lead to its accidental destruction.

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