PS5 Pro – is it worth the wait?  For me it's not that clear

This is a question for people who already have their own “plejkak”. Well, if it's going to be like what we had in the previous generation, I don't think it's worth trying to expand it a bit. But let's start from the beginning.

As you know, since its premiere, the Sony PlayStation 5 has been and continues to be one of the most sought-after consoles on the market. Amazing power, modern design (quite futuristic and huge FAT size) and a rich library of games (only thanks to backward compatibility) make the PS5 a dream for many gamers. Fortunately, this can be achieved thanks to increased production and a smaller percentage of “entrepreneurs.”. Although I think that after three years, the console should be cheaper and not stagnant in price.

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However, is it worth buying this console now if you haven't done so yet (or vice versa), and an improved version is scheduled to appear in 2024? Will the PS5 Pro be so good/better that it will be worth the wait? Or maybe the PS5 Pro is just a “marketing trick” that will not significantly improve the quality of the game, but will only improve it a little? Well, let's talk about it.

PS5 Pro – what we know, and what the rumors are around town

Much of what is circulating on the Internet is just rumours, unconfirmed and unofficial information from different types of people, and recent leaks. However, it is known that a console is planned. Many sources indicate that the PS5 Pro will be announced in September 2024But it's not certain that this will work either. I think Sony will want to maintain interest in the new model (PS5 Slim) and perhaps, or most likely, we will see the new console more in a year to a year and a half. However, it will obviously be more powerful and efficient, but also more expensive than the PS5.

At the same time, the Japanese should not overdo it (with the price) and remember that in their business model they make money mainly from games and accessories, and not from the console itself – at least at first. What then? It will likely be a new processor with increased clock speed, a more powerful graphics card based on the AMD RDNA3 architecture, faster RAM, improved ray tracing, NPUs for AI calculations and image scaling technology similar to NVIDIA DLSS. Apparently, it will achieve up to 28.67 TFLOPs. There are rumors that the PS5 Pro will cost between $500 and $600, but if this turns out to be true, the “slim” version will cost around $450 for versions with a disc drive, which I don’t know if it is realistic to achieve in 2024 at the costs that Sony is on the hook not just in terms of hardware, but also the bloated budgets of AAA titles, which can only make good money if the winds are right, where they're more likely to pay off.

PS5 Pro – is it worth the wait?


Of course, there are arguments for switching to the PS5 Pro related to better graphics quality, smoother gameplay, and increased technological capabilities. The PS5 Pro will offer a higher resolution – apparently it will be able to support 8K natively, but if not, it will be able to achieve such a resolution scaled – higher frames per second, better lighting and shading effects, too, as it is more immersive. Bigger thanks to the use of a greater degree of artificial intelligence and aforementioned image scaling. The PS5 Pro will be the console of the future, or rather what it should have been from the beginning. I'm sure it would provide a much better visual and audio experience, but with the ball and chain that this slime is going to be, developers will have to release games for both, which may limit the technological leap and shock that each of us wants to finally experience.. Well, that's the problem. What worries me is that the PS5 did not show its potential or the power that lies within it (there are some exceptions, but they are marginal).

It is worth noting the example of the PS4 which, especially at the end of its life (and still alive), showed what we were all waiting for. However, she did not miss with her strength, she could burn your eyes. I'm concerned that the developers will focus more on the Pro version, neglecting the PS5. Well, that's not what we're talking about. Is it worth waiting for the PS5 Pro if you already have a PS5 at home? Yes and no. I probably won't switch to the Pro version, because it might be a similar situation to what we had to deal with with the PS4 and PS4 Pro. This was not a solution for everyone. And secondly, one will inhibit the other, and perhaps offer just a little more, because as we know, Sony is good at keeping promises – I wonder where are all the revolutionary games for PS VR2?

There are arguments against switching to the PS5 Pro regarding price, availability, and need. The price may be an issue for many gamers, especially in Poland, where average income is lower than in other countries – since they already have a console, many will be reluctant to buy a second one. The PS5 Pro may (although I hope it doesn't) have an additional availability issue, just like the PS5, which has been sold at inflated prices by speculators for a year. The PS5 Pro may also prove unnecessary for many gamers who don't have a suitable TV to use it, or rather see its full potential. The console may also launch too early, since the PS5 has yet to show off everything it can do. The console is still defending itself. It has a very good processor, graphics card and memory, which developers should use better now, not in the future – because it might go black.

Microsoft is also in the game, so it could be more interesting


In short, the PS5 Pro will be a console with many advantages (I'm particularly interested in the approach of moving more towards using artificial intelligence). It will be a tempting offer for those who follow the latest trends, hype, possibilities, etc. Better performance and graphics are a good argument for buying the Pro, but looking through the prism of the untapped potential of the PS5, which should give us more I don't know if it's worth buying a new one (expensive works) or reselling the old one and amortizing the costs a bit. The PS5 Pro undoubtedly raises many emotions, but also many questions. And if Microsoft (according to rumors) releases the next generation early, that is, at least a year before Sony (I mean PS6), then we may have a really interesting situation on the market..

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