November 30, 2022


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American stars react to Betty White's death

American stars react to Betty White’s death

Following the dead Famous and legendary actress Box white, Many American stars have decided to pay tribute to him through social networks. Ryan Reynolds, Joe Biden, Sandra Bullock, Seth Myers உள்ளன There are many of them and it is very touching!

The woman who was supposed to celebrate her 100th birthday on January 17 has sadly passed away at the age of 99. He is a true icon of American television, and for more than seven decades he knows how to make viewers laugh in series. Golden Girls.

“My 100th birthday … I can not believe it is coming People’s Magazine Feast with me! ” She wrote 4 days before she died. Since then, many artists have mourned the news.

Ryan Renault, Co-star of White Proposal lui paid tribute on his Twitter account. “The world is different now. Able to exceed expectations. She’s too old, not too old somehow. Box, we miss you. Now you know the secret. ”, He writes.

President of the United States Joe Biden He also spoke of his death. “Betty White has put a smile on the lips of generations of Americans. She’s a cultural icon, and it’s very much to be missed.”, He tweeted.

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Facilitator Ellen DeGeneres He also posted a tweet, he mentions, “What an exceptional life. I am grateful for every second I spent with Betty White. I send love to his family, his friends and all of us.

“RIP Betty White, the only SNL presenter I have ever seen, stood at the final party and received applause. He ordered a vodka and hot dog and stayed at the party until the last. “, Writing Seth Myers Also on Twitter.

Through these beautiful tributes we can see that she is a woman who is highly appreciated and respected in her community. His demise brings great sorrow to all of us and we extend our deepest condolences to friends, colleagues and family.