Chris Martin helps a disabled fan get to a Coldplay concert

Chris Martin kindly offered to take a fan with mobility issues to his concert last weekend.

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On X/Twitter, Saundra Glenn posted a selfie of the Coldplay frontman sitting in a car on May 27. In the caption accompanying the photo, the fan says the 47-year-old singer went all out to help her before her concert at Radio 1’s Big Weekend at Stockwood Park in Luton, England, the previous weekend.

“The moment Chris Martin @Coldplay saw me struggling to walk, stopped his car and picked me up. It’s unbelievable,” she wrote in the caption. “I can’t believe this happened. What a nice guy. We also had a good discussion. »

Sandra Glenn praised the singer in an interview with the BBC. The Luton resident, who suffers from arthritis and a “weak right hip”, recalled taking a break when a Mercedes car pulled up alongside her on the way to the event.

Singer Yellow And one of her team members not only made sure she made it to the concert, but traveled in style the entire way.

“When we got to the artist area, he didn’t leave me there, he said, ‘Get the golf cart, make sure Saundra gets to where she’s going.’

He added: “He did me an act of kindness for which I will always be grateful, and he made Luton new again, thank you. »

Chris Martin has yet to comment on the story.

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