February 3, 2023


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Congo's Rumba star General Defoe has died

Congo’s Rumba star General Defoe has died


General Defoe died in Cameroon on Monday. He must have been 63 years old by December 31st. This talented musician came there last week to give a private concert.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Commander Musambe Commander

Lulendo Matumona, his real name, died at a clinic in Douala. According to the Kinshasa daily Note plus, The artist would have fallen victim to medical complications: diabetes mixed Govt19. When he arrived in Cameroon, he fainted and was immediately discharged to Loquindini Medical Center.

He was a talented musician who danced all over Africa, attesting to Tom Mbiana as an outstanding host today. The latter recalled some of the successful titles that General Defoe had to explain, such as the Radio Trotter, the Fame Kikuda or the Amore Scholar.

He started music in 1976 in neighborhood groups in Madadi. Between 1983 and 1991, the man formed the climax of the Jako Wawa and Zack Stars before forming his own group, the Big Stars, in 1991.

General Tefao sang with other celebrities such as Carlito and Tepao. Many music lovers will long remember the duet song sung with singer Embilia Belle at the behest of the late Cimaro Ludumba Endomanuno.

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