“I Can't Go On”… Andrew Ligon (Rick) opens up about his comeback

After nine seasons, one of the indispensable heroes is Rick Grimes The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln surprised fans by announcing his retirement. If Rick leaves, the writers leave the door open for him to come back. While the production initially announced three movies centered around the sheriff, it eventually changed its mind and wanted a spin-off. The result was a six-episode miniseries titled Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live And Not to Be Missed ends Sunday, March 31 on AMC in the U.S., and launches in France on Paramount+. Actor Andrew Lincoln opens up about his big comeback as Rick Grimes.

Chelon Andrew Lincoln, “The Walking Dead: A Chance to Close the Loop on the Living”

Télé-Loisirs: Why did you want to reprise the role of Rick Grimes?

Andrew Lincoln: The public played a major role in this comeback. What really got me was that every time I walked down the street, people stopped me and said: “When are you coming back? Where did Rick go?” Eventually I started telling myself that the story wasn't over yet, and that there was a sense of unfinished flavor somehow. Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live There's actually a chance to finally close the loop and meet fans' expectations.

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what Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Does it stand out from other adventures in this legendary franchise?

My character finds himself in a completely different situation from what he has experienced so far. We find Rick Grimes in a new and different place, and he's separated from his love. She looks for him but he makes a mess. Many emotions are highlighted in it Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.

Andrew Lincoln: “I left to return well”

Don't worry about it those who live Only six episodes?

No, because I had the opportunity to take six amazing pictures. When you have to shoot sixteen episodes, you have to compromise on the quality of the script. Small episodes may need to be done to save money. It is impossible to write a quality sixteen-hour program. You have to tread water for at least two episodes. In living, You only have six hours and you know you have to give it your all in six episodes.

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Looking back, do you regret doing it? Your farewell The Walking Dead ?

No, because I couldn't continue living in Georgia anymore and I had to come home to be with my family again. For the first five years of their lives, my kids thought they were on vacation. For my part, I was tired of constantly traveling back and forth and working very intensively for eight months of the year. After they grew up, it was no longer possible to live like this and I had to return to England to raise my two children. Finally, I'm back for good!

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