The absurd and tragic coronation of Charles III

On May 6, Monsieur III will be officially crowned king. This coronation wouldn’t be worth talking about if it weren’t for the extraordinary monarchist propaganda already flooding the media. Yet this coronation is ridiculous and painful.

Ridiculous because it promises how grand the ceremony will be, and in such bad taste that no one dares criticize too much, because these are royals to be refined.

However, the glittering gold carriage in which Monsieur III drives around is anything but discreet good taste. The riders pulling it look like something out of an operetta.

The height of ridicule is due to the robes worn by the king. He will reduce their numbers. Buckingham Palace wants to turn the decision into an environmental gesture and a cost-saving measure.

A crowning achievement that costs taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and creates monster environmental pollution! Nothing major.

Do not criticize?

This event is global in scope. But should the journalists who cover it, refrain from criticizing the company? No. Instead, they should condemn it or question the most disturbing aspects of the monarchy.

For example, how did the king and his family not pay taxes? Or to be more precise, why do they only pay the tax they want to pay? Why should Canadians and Quebecers pay out of their own pockets for the visit of these royal billionaires? Wouldn’t England benefit more from turning Buckingham Palace into a sort of English Louvre museum? What about the toxic mix of politics and religion this coronation promotes?

Great hypocrisy

The sheer hypocrisy of royalty undermines democracy. Monarchy is antithetical to democracy. All the theoretical distortions of the defenders of monarchy change nothing: the fact that citizens have more rights than others by birth is intolerable to any free person. It is odious for sovereigns to claim to interfere with the decisions of elected officials.

For Canada, the monarchy has a troubling symbolic value. Beyond the link of a few Red neck For England, it shows a country that cannot completely depart from its former training and refuses to become an adult. For Quebec, the British crown is a symbol of oppression.

Quebec and Canada could change the situation and marginalize the institution of monarchy. But it is true that the 1982 Constitution has become practically irrevocable. We are prisoners of the political ideology of 40 years ago. In this sense, in Canada, the dead rule the living.

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