Alfa Romeo for "Bubble" - in Poland ordered by 6 people

Forgive the language, but in the face of something as exceptional as the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAM, I can’t help but use street language – this car is a “trunk over bets”. There is currently nothing relatively extreme among road-based sports sedans. About Driving Experience I We have already written the details of Julia’s extreme developmentSo just briefly, as a reminder: the GTAM has 30 hp more than the Giulia Quadrifoglio, weighs 100 kg less, and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds. Wider track, carbon flares, Akrapovič exhaust or…no back seat!

However, such delicious modifications come at a price. The Giulia GTAm is priced at €201 150 in Poland – at the current average exchange rate of PLN 4.60, which translates to PLN 925,290 – for this you can buy two Jolly Quadrifoglios with a capacity of 510 hp and you will be left with a lot of money! Despite this, up to six clients in Poland decided to order their copies and pay the down payment. These include people who already have a Giulia Quadrifoglio in their garage and those who have not been Alfa customers before, but have other Italian sports cars in their garage. It is also worth noting that everyone “goed everything” and chose the most extreme version, GTAm, and not the four-person version and without the wonderful rear wing of GTA.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTam – the price may be about 1 million zlotys

The standard equipment of the GTAM is more than complete, and no matter the safety cage, carbon Sabelt buckets or seat belts, it even includes… a racing suit, gloves and Alpinestars boots. Special training on the racetrack is also included. Optionally, for 13,653 euros, you can order a special body panel, referring to the historical designs of Alfa Romeo cars, and for another 1261 euros, you can order a custom cover from the Goodwool brand. In these specifications, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTam can cost up to PLN 993,894.

Contrary to appearances, it is not the most expensive new Alfa Romeo car in history. In 2009, the 8C Spider cost €211,285 in Germany (it hasn’t been officially launched in Poland, but it will be more expensive due to higher excise and VAT).

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAM – only 30 left

As in the case of the convertible complex a decade ago, production of the Giulia GTAm and GTA is limited to 500 copies. Of this pool, 470 have already been sold and another 30 are available for pickup. If you’re considering investing, keep in mind that 70 percent. Previous reservations were made for the GTAM version. It should be noted that the aforementioned 8C Spider, preserved in factory condition, can currently cost about 1.35 million PLN.

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