Alan Wake 2 One of The Game Awards' surprises?  The cure is getting ready for the big announcement

The Game Awards will also include great announcements, and according to the latest rumors, Remedy Entertainment is ready to showcase the writer’s new adventure. Alan Wake 2 is set to appear at Geoff Keighley’s party.

Alan Wake is back thanks to the updated version, but according to many rumors – this is just the beginning. Epic Games had to provide Remedy Entertainment with a proper budget so that the developers could realize their great vision and develop a complete sequel.

Jeff Group has been talking about Alan Wake 2 for a long time, who mentioned during the insider’s recent podcast, Nate the Hate, that production could be announced at The Game Awards. The topic was picked up by the show’s host, who said that Epic Games and Remedy Entertainment wanted to show the game to TGA.

The whistleblower is confident that a great show is coming, and Geoff Keighley will have a chance to reveal the next big and expected production. Nate the Hate hasn’t confirmed if we can count on more material, but it’s very likely we’ll finally hear officially about the writer’s long-awaited adventure.

Jeff Kelly confirmed it in recent days At The Game Awards, we’ll be seeing some high-profile presentations.


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