June 6, 2023


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Bayern - Barcelona.  Champions League.  Lewandowski hit a blow to Messi's heart

Bayern – Barcelona. Champions League. Lewandowski hit a blow to Messi’s heart

Robert Lewandowski did not respond to Leo Messi’s two goals, which the Argentine scored in Tuesday’s match between Paris Saint-Germain and Club Brugge (4:1). This is another correspondence duel for both players in recent days. Let us remind you that Messi won this year’s France Football poll. Pole is still eagerly awaiting his first Golden Ball. But “Leoy” dealt a painful blow to the heart of the Argentine, as he contributed significantly to the disgrace of Barcelona. Pride Catalunya, a club and venue unique to “La Bolga”, finished the matches in the group stage. For the first time in more than 20 years. In the first match, the Bavarian sniper scored two goals at the Camp Nou, and Bayern Munich won 3-0. In the rematch, the pole received second-class help and assistance.

The 33-year-old finished the group stage of this year’s Champions League with nine goals. In the match against Barcelona, ​​the Poles did not defeat Marc-Andre ter Stegen, but this does not mean that the captain of the Polish team performed poorly. Lewandowski himself has emphasized in numerous interviews that players at present are only judged on the basis of numbers. If a former BVB player is included in the scorers’ list, then his performance is evaluated positively, otherwise there are criticisms. Therefore, in keeping with the will of the best striker in the world – no one has any doubts about it – it must be honestly admitted that Wednesday’s match at the empty Allianz Arena, devoid of fans, was very good at his performance.

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Sometimes there are games in which the attacker does not reach 100% of the chances of the goal. In this case, some snipers get frustrated and spread their hands helplessly. What was Lewandowski doing? He began to go down to the second line, he was often seen on the wing. From here he was helping to score the first goal of the match. “Lewy” effectively beat Gerard Pique, who had no control over what the Pole was doing with the ball. He put off the ball and calmly raised his head and played directly to Thomas Muller. It was clear that Barcelona’s defense focused its attention on the 33-year-old, somewhat forgetting about the other players. Yes, Lewandowski played for the team and showed how important he is to Bayern Munich.

In the third goal, the 33-year-old scored a second-tier assist. Earlier, he retreated to the middle of the field, grabbed the ball, and after a moment sent an accurate throw to Alfonso Davies, who ran the ball into the penalty area and scored a crucial pass for Jamal Musiyala’s goal. Unexpectedly, the pole left the field in the 77th minute and then a bleak of resentment appeared on his face. It is also a testament to how ambitious this striker is. The 10 goals Sebastian Haller scored in the group stage were probably in the back of his head. In the 2019/20 season, when Bayern reached the Champions League trophy, Leoy scored only 10 goals at this point, finally winning the title of top scorer with 15 goals.

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