There’s a Pixel 8 release date!  Google is preparing for fireworks

The season of smartphone premieres is coming! As usual, in the fall, Apple and Google conferences are held, where we learn about new models of devices that subsequently break sales records. Now that we know the date of the event in Cupertino, it’s time for the Pixel manufacturer to respond.

iPhone phones for the month of September, and pixels for October

I’m in the category of people who appreciate the entertaining nature of Apple presentations, and I’m usually amazed at how well they fit together, but at the same time I can’t muster the excitement around the new iPhones.

Completely different feelings accompany me during the Google conference. Since the Pixels’ premiere, these smartphones have captured my imagination, even if at first they could be accused of a lot – hardware or software. Giant Mountain View events can be quite boring, but the hardware itself always intrigues me. The more excited I am to announce the event I’m likely to meet my next smartphone – Pixel 8.

Announced in a fun video, the Made by Google Twitter event is part of the “phrasebook” series between the iPhone and the Pixel smartphone series. In addition, the corresponding banner appeared On the Google Store website. The date of the Google conference in which we will see the new devices is October 4. The broadcast will begin at 10:00 AM EST, so we will be able to catch it starting at 4:00 PM PST.

Pixel 8 premiere – what to expect?

Well, sure Pixel 8 I 8 pro. Google does not know how to hold its tongue well, because the network already has the first image of a more powerful variant, from the same manufacturer.

No one expects a revolution in terms of design: both models will continue the style started by the sixth generation of Pixels, with a distinctive camera bulge in the form of a strap that runs across the entire width of the back cover. However, this year, smartphones will be a little less “square”, which makes me happy.

Google Pixel 8 (Source: MySmartPrice)

Inside, we find the new Tensor G3 processor, with nine cores and Arm Immortalis architecture, allowing for better AI tricks than ever before.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see an update to the manufacturer’s relatively new tablet, despite the style Pixel Tablet It can undergo a slight revision and no one will be harmed by it. She will definitely be the shining star of the party Pixel Watch 2 – An updated version of last year’s watch. Perhaps he will overcome the illnesses of his predecessor.

This is how it looks after Tuesday, September 12th and the presentation iPhone 15 We’ll have a breath-taking moment to prepare for the Made by Google movie premiere Pixel 8.

I’m looking forward to!

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