December 9, 2022


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How do you find a hidden camera in a hotel? It is better to know this method before vacation

The holiday season awaits us. Some of us will go on vacation to different places and stay in hotels, rented rooms, apartments or houses. Coming to them, it is worth checking that the owner did not put a webcam anywhere. Although such practices are not particularly popular, they still exist.

Vacations are associated with relaxation and relief from work and the hardships of everyday life. Most of us put our problems aside while on vacation and try not to think about them at all. It happens that at such moments we also forget about basic safety rules, including checking whether the owner has put a camera in the room, house or apartment we rented. None of us would like to record without knowing it, especially since you never know for what purpose the video materials obtained in this way will be used.

How do you discover hidden webcams in hotels?

How do you spot hidden cameras in hotels, rooms, and other vacation rentals? Having reached the specified place, conduct a thorough examination of it and check if you can see any hidden cameras, for example, motion sensors. Such devices are widely available, their price ranges around PLN 300, so a frugal or curious owner can invest in them. motion sensors With built-in webcams they are usually mounted on walls.

If we have any doubts about the purpose of the device we have observed, we can use the image search option. It is a simple and easy method that will quickly dispel our doubts. All you have to do is take a picture of the object you are interested in, go to the Google search engine page and click on “Graphics”, then the camera icon. It can be found on the right side of the search bar. There will be two options – ‘Paste Image Title’ or ‘Upload Image’. Choose the latter and upload the selected image from your smartphone or computer.

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However, it is worth noting that there are compact cameras that can be hidden anywhere. Where do you look for them? in the beginning of the year We describe the different possibilities. Sekurak then noticed an interesting recording on TikTok by a hacker. The recording can be viewed below:

The material shows that cameras can be hidden, for example, with a clock placed near the bed, a power outlet located in front of it or in a fire detector. Recording devices can be easily identified. We only need a flashlight. You can even use what you have in your smartphone. An illuminated lens will reveal its presence with a bluish reflection.

Karolina Modzilowska, journalist at Gadgetmania