Ahonen talked about the war in the jump.  “Were we stupid?”  indicates a vein

An inseparable element in the race for the best results In ski jumping is to look for reserves in the equipment. Just as Formula 1 has an arms race in car development, so does the leap in hardware. Suits, which always stir up the most controversy, give the most wiggle room. This winter, foreign media are paying special attention to Piotr Żya’s clothes.

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What is the mood before the Handball World Cup? The goal is not to get out of the group.

Jan Ahonen criticizes the equipment check and talks about her weekend in Roca. “Now you can see how much allowances have changed.”

Jan Ahonen has not worked with the Finnish national team in over a year. For several seasons, the legendary jumper was an equipment technician for Nordic Combine, but he also assisted his original team the frame jumpers. He not only sewed clothes, but also took care of the players’ shoes, laces, and skates. In the summer of 2021, he left to practice his business (more here). Today he works as an expert for the Finnish website “Yle”, where he comments on what’s going on in ski jumping.

Disturbing expectations before the Zakopane World Cup

Ahonen noted that the teams have become more daring with their clothes. Bolder than at the start of the World Cup season. – Now you can see how much the team’s kit has changed since the weekend in Roca. In the first races we will be more careful and see how the control goes. Then we start to wonder if something can be done.

The five-time 4-Hills-Tournament winner points out that the Japanese are the most conservative when it comes to breaking rules on equipment. “If you look at Ryoyu Kobayashi’s outfit, it’s far from extreme,” he said. Ahonen did not fail to criticize the way the players were controlled. – Players who don’t advance to second are often eliminated a series Or they were eliminated in the playoffs, he confirmed.

Columns border with overalls. Recently, Piotr Żyła has often “hit”

Piotr Żyła’s outfit has attracted particular attention in recent weeks. Foreign media claimed after the Four Hills Championship competition in Oberstdorf that the Pole should be disqualified (more here). So far, the player from Wisla has successfully passed all the tests, as do his teammates, with the exception of Bowie and Sk, who was once excluded from the competition, but through his own fault (more here). A player from our expat team has been disqualified for an illegal suit only once and that was Kamil Stoshe during the World Cup in Wisowa. Words of criticism directed at the Polish staff were leveled by former World Cup equipment observer Mika Jocara.

– It seems that Poland I thought of something. This game will still be part of ski jumping, but it must be fair and honest. The Norwegians were also furious and asked our jumper if he didn’t see anything strange in his clothes.

Strange goes for medals. Strange goes for medals. Ski jumping is classified as a strategic sport.

TVN journalist Damien Mikawski wrote on Twitter: “Piotrek made it clear that he should be happy after he jumped in a different way. Now he’s as happy as a wrestler – hand in hand.”

Jan Ahonen also commented on our jumper suit with harsh words. “Times change and we move… Old Red Man (Jumpsuit Trans. ed.) is from 2005 and I know for a fact that he’s been maxed out. blue Suit on the same hill at the end of 2022. I don’t know what that field is, but I know the rules and requirements have changed a lot since that old picture. At present, the size of the suit is much smaller, and the crotch of the wetsuit should be much larger. So all I can say is either modern control sucks or we were fucking idiots? “

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