June 10, 2023


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Granrod is furious after Lahti’s competition. “silly”

The individual competition in Lahti will be remembered for a long time by the fans and the players themselves. There was a competition on Sunday Anti advertising for ski jumping. Long wait for the jump, extremely unfavorable conditions, broken jumps – these were the offerings of most of the competitors competing in the World Cup. On the hill HS130, titled competitors, incl full stoch And Pyotr Zilla. Gentlemen the day before He stood on the podium in the team competitionOn Sunday, however They ranked 18th and 20th, respectively.

France is preparing for the Summer Olympics. This is how the Olympic Village was created. video//AFPTV/AFP//France Press agency

Huge slip by Halvor Egner Granerud. The Norwegian does not hide his bitterness

The conditions were also not favorable for the leader of the overall World Cup rankings, Halvor Egner Granrod. Coach Alexander Stoeckl again this season before jumping off his wing default request. To get extra points to change the beam The Norwegian had to jump 123.5 meters. finally However, he fell 95 meters and finished the competition in a distant 46th place.

Four Hills and Raw Air tournament winner in an interview with the Norwegian media He did not hide his emotions. once again Attention was drawn to the work of the jury and Borik Sedlak.

The representatives of Poland had a similar opinion about today’s contest, Jan Habdas I Paul Wask. They both admitted in an interview with Eurosport that Contests like this shouldn’t happen And it’s just a waste of time for riders fighting for the podium in such unfair conditions. Finally, they stand on the platform of the Sunday competition Ryuyu KobayashiAnd Stephen Kraft And Carl Geiger.

The last stop is ahead Ski Jumping World Cup. The men will compete next weekend Ski flying in Planica. At the moment, coach Thurnbichler has not yet decided which players will have the opportunity to present themselves in Slovenia. However, it is known that On the “mammoth” do not fly David Kobacki – Bird from Nowy Targ Ended the season prematurely after His wife, Marta, was taken to the hospital.

Halvor Egner Granrod//EXPA/Tadeusz MieczyƄski//Newspix

Halvor Egner Granrod//Gore Makovicaf//France Press agency

Halvor Egner Granrod//France Press agency