March 26, 2023


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Sound absorbing screw. The neighbors will stop harassing you

The annoying noises from the neighbor’s apartment, the sounds of cars passing by, and even lawnmowers keep many of us awake at night. This may soon change due to the Swedish invention based on the use of a spring. It can change a lot in terms of construction.

Håkan Wernersson from the Department of Materials Science and Applied Mathematics at Malmö University, in collaboration with an audiologist, has developed a noise-absorbing screw. The solution can change a lot in terms of construction, because it allows you to halve the amount of sounds that get to us, and also allows you to avoid some problems with improper sound insulation. Lab Tests He showed that the invention allows to reduce the noise level by 9 dB, which means that the recorded sound is reduced by half compared to standard screws.

sound absorbing screw

The screw can be used when installing plasterboard on walls. Then a layer with insulating properties is no longer needed. Thanks to this, we can save space in the room by reducing the thickness of the materials used. This is especially good news for people who do not have their own apartment or large house.

In addition to absorbing It seems Swedish screws allow gypsum boards to be fixed to wooden elements on the wall. The springs placed in them cause sound waves transmitted through the walls, along the wooden joists, to refract on the screws, as a result of which people in the room do not feel the noise.

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Karolina Modzilowska, journalist at Wirtualna Polska