After a temporary upsurge, the situation in Battlefield 2042 on Steam appears to be returning to normal
January 18, 2024 at 12:33 pm

Battlefield 2042 briefly attracted crowds of players. DICE's latest FPS game is still doing well on Steam, but again, there are fewer people playing it than the previous part of the series.

Image source: EA DICE / Electronic Arts.


Battlefield 2042 Losing popularity again after a brief renaissance on Steam. After a record-breaking October, when there were over 107,000 users playing the game simultaneously at peak, the highest daily player count on this platform has dropped to less than 20,000 (via SteamDB).

In fact, more than 17,000 simultaneous players is a much better result than the latest Battlefield game can boast over the past two years. In fact, the title has managed to make it into the top 100 list of most popular games of all time steam.

However, the game is still slightly ahead of Battlefield 1 in the rating and completely loses to the penultimate part of the DICE studio's shooter series. For the latest game in the popular series, this is a disappointing result. Given the current downtrend, it may become weaker soon.

Talk about disappointment: photo Battlefield 2042 It improved slightly in the eyes of fans, thanks in part to later updates. the last Back on January 12, which surprised some players who expected the game to be abandoned so soon after its – let's face it – disastrous debut.

However, most players still mourn the state Belgian franc 2042including the de facto abandonment of any promising status Battlefield Gate. Although it is still available, it has not received major updates in a long time. Furthermore, the game itself is not receiving updates as often as it should according to players (via service Reddit / steam).

Development plans Battlefield 2042 For the year 2024.Srodlo: EA says /

maybe Battlefield 2042 It will gain popularity again after Season 7 debuted in March and added two massive maps. Before then, the following major updates will arrive in the game: 3.3 (January 30) and 3.4 (February 20; via Service X).

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