Weird West - We know the release date of the new game co-optwrcw Dishonored
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October 28, 2021, 21:10

We’ve heard about the release date of Weird West RPG from contributors to the Dishonored series. Along with it, we got a lot of gameplay that shows the mechanics, outlines of the characters and the expected length of the game.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like RDR2 With fantasy elements? Apparently founder Rafael Colantonio and former president Arkan Studios (known from the course insulting or recently released DeathloopHe will ask himself the same question. So here she is, with her new independent studio wolfie, start working strange west Isometric action RPG in a Wild West setting with supernatural elements.

Now, two years after production was announced, finally We found out si when this one makes its debut. This will happen on January 11 next year. To bring players a little closer to exactly what this title is supposed to be, the developers have prepared a series of films The Road to Weird West, the first episode of which is already available (below).

strange west belongs to this type immersive simThis means that it emphasizes the player’s choices and offers many ways to solve the problems presented to him using a variety of complex gameplay systems. The developers claim that e The game is enough for about 40 hours of fun.

It will be divided into five parts Each of them will tell about the struggle of the other protagonist. What is special or these heroes? We will find out only at the end of the story. Target hardware platforms strange west s PC, Xbox One oraz PS4.

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