Adrian Zandberg appeals to Donald Tusk.  “Leave it, let’s forget about it.”

The government’s major housing program is in doubt. Consultations on the Na start program have been extended until the end of May. Unofficially, you can hear that the new Development Minister, PSL’s Krzysztof Paszek, who headed the ministry as part of the recent government reconstruction, “will make the final decisions on the fate of the entire project at a later date.” At this time, no variant of the project has been identified.

The program’s assumptions are sharply criticized by the left. At Friday’s press conference in Warsaw, Adrian Zandberg and other Razam activists asked the government to withdraw from the “0% loan” program and allocate the saved funds to build public housing. – If we pump billions of zlotys from the budget into the hot market, there will be only one effect: higher apartment prices and higher profits for developers. Most Polish women and men understand this mechanism well. Co-Chair Razem pointed out that this leads to a waste of public funds.

“Leave it.” Adrian Zandberg turned into Donald Tusk

Zandberg said the 0% loan “was an ill-considered election promise.” – It’s time to admit it. Mr. Prime Minister, don’t insist on this anymore. Leave it, let’s forget about it – he said towards Tusk.

Won’t there be a “start-up” loan? And very well

The leftist MP also addressed Krzysztof Hetman, the Minister of Development, who recently resigned and was dismissed from his post. – The biggest enthusiast of transferring money from the budget to developer accounts is now packing his bag and going to the European Parliament. Let us treat this as an opportunity – let Minister Hetmann pack this unfortunate law into his suitcase and suppose it never existed at all. He suggested that we give the billions saved to local governments for social housing.

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