USA Box Office: Pixar’s Fantasy Returns!  “Inside Out 2” had the studio’s second-best opening
Hollywood has been waiting for a weekend like this for a long time. And it’s all thanks to a studio that hasn’t had real success for five years. Pixar has done an amazing job counting. Most brands can only dream of such a comeback.

According to current estimates “Inside Out 2” It opened to $155 million. This is the first film this year to make at least $100 million. The film has already grossed more than Pixar’s previous blockbusters: “The Elements Among Us” ($154.4 million gross) and “Buzz Lightyear” ($118.3 million).

indeed it is The second best opening in Pixar studio history (to “Incredibles 2” – 182.7 million US dollars). It’s also the second or third best opening for an animation (depending on whether “The Lion King” is considered an animation).

2024 films with revenues of more than $100 million

# Title earned in total
in public Number of cinemas the first show VOD budget
1 Sand Dunes: Part Two $282.1 82.5 dollars 4,074 1.03 16.04 $190
2 Godzilla and Kong: A New Empire $196.4 $80.0 3,948 29.03 14.05 $135
3 Kung Fu Panda 4 $193.6 $58.0 4,067 8.03 9.04 $85
4 Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes $157.8 $58.4 4,075 10.05 b/d $160
5 Inside out 2 $155.0 $155.0 4440 14.06 b/d $ 200
6 Ghostbusters: Ice Empire $113.2 $45.0 4,345 22.03 7.05 $100 dollars
7 Bad boys ride or die $112.2 56.5 dollars 3,885 7.06 b/d $100 dollars
8 Wonderful creatures $100.9 $33.7 4,068 17.05 b/d $110

And Pixar isn’t the only one with reasons to be happy. The action comedy performed surprisingly well in its second weekend “Bad boys ride or die”. The film benefited from Father’s Day and lost only 42%. In total, he already has $112.2 million in his account. It will happen in a few days Sony’s highest-grossing premiere this year.

The family production starring Ryan Reynolds also reached $100 million “wonderful beings”. Currently it is about to The highest-grossing Paramount film premiere of the year.

Interestingly, “Inside Out 2” did not suck the air out of the competition. Reissue only “Lord of the rings” saw a significant decrease (by 74%). The remaining films in the top ten did not lose more than 58% of their revenues.

US box office June 14-16

# Title He made money over the weekend earned in total A week on screen deep
1 Inside out 2 $142,0* $155.0 1 4440
2 Bad Boys: Ride or Die $33.0 $112.24 2 3885
3 Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes $5.2 $157.8 6 2600
4 Garfield $5.0 $78.53 4 3411
5 Observers $3.67 $13.67 2 3351
6 Wonderful creatures $3.45 $100.9 5 3006
7 angry. Mad Max saga $2.43 $63.13 4 1874
8 Small waterfalls $1.5 $87.91 7 1663
9 Strangers: Chapter One $0.76 $33.9 5 1027
10 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring $0.63 $318.63 1174 1035

* Opening result from the same weekend

The question now is how long it will continue to perform well in theaters. In a week, Pixar will definitely remain undefeated, because of the big news we have: “Exorcism” (Horror z Raslim Kruim) i.e “Motorcyclists” (Which is nearly a year after its festival premiere and is only now in wide distribution.)

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