June 9, 2023


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The company of the richest tycoon is growing rapidly.  You recently passed Lidl

The company of the richest tycoon is growing rapidly. You recently passed Lidl

Tomasz Biernacki is the founder and largest shareholder of department store chain Dino Polska, and is now also the richest Pole, at least according to the latest weekly “Wprost” rating. Bernacki’s fortune is estimated at more than 15 billion PLN, which gives him the first place in the list, incl. In Front Of Zygmont Solors.

Dino Thomas Bernacki made a billionaire

Most importantly, Bernacki reached the top of the rankings only five years after his debut on the roster. His wealth is primarily shares in Dino Polska – he owns 51 percent. which company For the first time on the Polish Stock Exchange In April 2017, Dino Polska shares rose a total of 709 percent. From the beginning to now – from the amount of PLN 39 to the current PLN 317. Along with the price, the market value of the company has increased.

Diagram of: DNP

Immediately after entering the stock exchange, the capitalization of the dino amounted to about 3.5 billion PLN. Just 5 years later, Biernacki’s company was valued more than 10 times – in July 2021, the company’s value was exceeded 30 billion zloty. It currently stands at 31.12 billion PLN, making Dino the third largest on the Polish stock exchange – behind PKO BP (36 billion PLN) and PGNiG (33 billion PLN).

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Dino opens several hundred stores every year

These price increases are not surprising when you look at the evolution of Dino Polska. Network opened in 2021 New store almost every day, exceeding the number of more than 1.7 thousand. outlets. Currently, the number of stores is 1,880, which is almost double that number Owned by German Lidl. However, Dino is still far from its main competitor, i.e. beetles, which has more than 3000 outlets. Annually, Dino opens more than 300 stores – this was the case, among other things, in 2021

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In 2021, Bernaki recorded PLN 13.36 billion in revenue and PLN 805 million in net profit.. He was its founder for a long time He does not pay his salaryWhich was previously about 80,000. PLN, and earns only from the increase in the company’s share price.

The history of Dino goes back to 1999, when businessman Tomasz Biernacki, as part of his business, opened the first store under the Dino Supermarket brand. As part of the implementation of the expansion strategy and the creation of new stores, the first distribution center was established in Krotoszyna in 2002. In 2003, Tomasz Biernacki acquired a majority stake in Agro-Rydzyna, the company that owns the meat processing plant that has been supplying fresh meat to Dino stores since its inception. In 2017, Dino Polska made his debut on the stock exchange, thus placing Biernacki on the list of Polish billionaires.

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