This is probably the lowest rated restaurant in the Krynica Morska chain.  There was a crowd at the place

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Let’s start by referring to the criterion that guided us in deciding the “worst rated restaurant” at Krynica Morska. We used map ratings for this The Google. However, in order not to assign this name to a place that is just starting to operate, we have adopted as standard no less than 50 user-generated ratings.

The “record holder” was the restaurant next to the guest house of the same name with a score of 2.9. The range of opinions on this topic is surprising, since “Friday” and “1” are the most popular. This already indicates that the restaurant evokes intense emotions among the customers. In any case, it is enough to read the comments.

The food is very tasty, everything is fresh and made from the heart. Nice staff, knowledgeable about the menu. Regular prices. I recommend it 100 percent. – Mrs. Yulita writes and gives the score 5/5.

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One star for the quick service and the other for the fries and salad. Soup – one lukewarm and one warm, I think they should be hot. Unfortunately, the pork chop left a lot to be desired. And it was. I have a choice and I will use it [więc – przyp. red] I won’t come back here – Mrs. Agata Points (grade 2/5).

Therefore, we had nothing else to do but check the gastronomic presentation of the chosen place on our skin.

It starts indistinctly

I got to the place a few hundred meters from the main street after a moment of 13. Everyone who has visited the Polish seashore knows that it is not yet time for a holiday dinner. Restaurants and bars will start filling up in an hour or so It didn’t surprise me that only one table was occupied. On the other hand, given the rainy weather, it would not be surprising that more citizens would enjoy, say, beer.

At first glance, the restaurant does not stand out. The striking feature is the entrance to the neighboring guest house, whose name is clearly visible from the street. The canopies adjacent to it give the impression that the restaurant is open to guests of the night shelter. The fact that it is open to customers from abroad is suggested by the price lists on the fence and “shelf” with the special writing of the day on it.

I sat at a wooden table, which is a lot in bars all over Poland. Under a canopy to avoid raindrops. The waitress approached me with the card, but was later served by her colleague, who had indulged in conversation with – I thought then, because he was eating soup – the customer who had told him about the party coming up this weekend.

I would describe the menu itself as “classic”. No graphic included, no adornment. Oh, information written on white sheets of what you can eat and how much. What stood out was the inclusion of burgers. The black color was visible from a distance, as were the images of delicious sandwiches and “fiery” accessories.

It’s better than expected

Since I’m on the seashore, I can’t do without a fish. I ordered the flat carcass, french fries and a bunch of salads, plus the natural orange juice. I got Mandarin, which I discovered too late. I waited about 10 minutes for the food and must admit it looked decent. Solid portion (the waiter advised that the thickness of the fish will be around 350-400g, which is important as prices are set for 100g), lots of french fries and “greens”.

In fact, I was glad I sat “on an empty stomach” until lunch. I was expecting to be satiated for a long time after eating. If you’re looking for something to hang on, the food or the fries probably haven’t been steamed—although the latter is a matter of taste.

The only thing that would have made me hungry at that moment was the taste. Following the previously mentioned opinion (and some other opinions I’ve come across) I had little fear that the meal would be inedible. But in the end it turned out that I was needlessly anxious. In principle, there is nothing to complain about either. It’s not a fish I’ve been telling my friends about for years, but it also didn’t make me indigestion and self-loathing. Think for a moment about the taste of flounder in the mean places by the sea – and you already know what it tastes like to me.

The combination of salads was interesting – I rarely see corn without peas. But what I remember most is the carrot, which was on its own, without any additives.

So why such a bad rating on the web? – These ratings have been accumulating in our account over the years, so they may be comments from before. As I check the last one now, they are all five. This general evaluation does not interfere with our daily work, and we have a lot of movement – tells us Agnieszka Tatur, the manager of the restaurant.

The place is starting to fill up

While eating, I listened to what was happening around me, as the place slowly began to fill up. Apparently, tourists are not discouraged by the low rating online (or perhaps not guided by them at all?). When I was coming I could already choose where to sit, and as far as I left, the family was already standing in the starting blocks to take my place as soon as I got up from the table.

Previously, however, the waitress who brought me the card had to deal with the dissatisfaction of already served customers. The group seated at one table brought – in their opinion – cold fish soup and asked to replace it. When I ordered another pair, I forgot to order the fries and had to deliver them separately. Anyway, maybe that wasn’t her day, because pouring beer out of the barrel was also difficult and had to be done by the manager (or at least someone supervising the work of the waiters).

When the tables were full, a boy emerged from the bunker I thought was a customer I mistook at first. It turns out he’s a bartender too, so he might have been on a break earlier.

Is the assessment appropriate? Yes and no

When I had finished eating, the waiter who served me first “layed” on my table for a few minutes and probably waited for me to call him, and when he came to me himself, he was surprised by the fact that I wanted to order something. He was expecting that I would ask for the bill and the “cash or card payment” question froze on his lips (which in turn surprised me, because the information about the failure of the machine was on the inside door).

I ordered a coffee with milk and I must warn ardent coffee lovers right away – you won’t be happy. This is regular coffee from a machinealthough I will make it clear that it is a machine in the kitchen, and not, for example, in the train station.

All this fun eventually cost me PLN 86.51. About half of this was oblate (PLN 42.51). This is understandable because the price of fish at wholesalers has been rising for a long time. Away from this Entrepreneurs have to raise prices due to high operating costs Mainly associated with ever higher bills for energy And the Gas.

As for our restaurant, if I had to make an assessment? we will, On the one hand, three stars out of five seems sufficient, and on the other hand, perhaps not necessarily the prestige of the worst-rated restaurant in Krynica Morska. Elsewhere in this city, I haven’t eaten, so perhaps the restaurant I visited differs in quality from others, although somehow I find it hard to believe. Especially it was eagerly visited by tourists during “lunch time”.

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