Adele postponed her series in Las Vegas

(Los Angeles) “Sorry, but the show is not ready”: British singer Adele announced on Thursday that she was postponing her series residency in Las Vegas indefinitely, while the Corona virus destroyed her band. First performance.

Released at 7:58 pm yesterday.

Just last November, shortly after the release of his fourth studio album 30, The star said, will perform in Las Vegas every weekend for twelve weeks from January 21st.

“We tried everything we could to prepare everything on time. […], But we were crushed by the delivery time and the Covit-19, ”Adele laments in a video posted on his Instagram account.

“Half of my team have been diagnosed with Govt-19 and the show could not be finalized. I was disgusted to say, “Singer continues, I apologize again” to everyone who traveled to attend the event, which was scheduled to take place in the Colosseum Hall of the Caesars Palace Hotel.

“We’re going to reconsider all the dates and we’ll take care of it,” the 33-year-old artist promises.

The title of the album, 30, She began Adele’s age three years ago, when her whole life was in pain, between her divorce and the abrupt end of her career.

The deported Londoner in Los Angeles spoke at length in the press Vogue Tell me how bizarre this personal post is.

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