Adamek is painfully honest about Makhmet Khaledov's situation

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Marek Bobakovsky

Will 48-year-old Tomas Adamek continue to fight? This question was asked after winning the fight with Makhmed Khalidov. Answer? Surprisingly.

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Makhmed Khaledov did not reach the fourth round of the fight with Tomas Adamek (You will find the entire report here >>). An MMA fighter lost due to an arm injury. It turns out he already had issues with her before the fight (He talked about it after the fight – check>>). However, he hoped that he could successfully compete with the former world boxing champion. I failed in.

The winner of this trial duel was Adamek. After the fight, the Gilovice boxer was asked about the future. There is information that he signed a contract with the Fame MMA federation, where he will have several more fights. Is this up to date?

“It's already been signed,” Adamek began. – But… I have to “negotiate” again with my wife Dorotka. Because she doesn't want to let me go to Poland alone.

Adamek also recounted what the fight with Khaledov looked like from his perspective. “It was something new,” he began.

– I didn't know what to expect from my opponent. That's why there was so much chaos in the cage sometimes. I could not “control” Muhammad. He added: “I cannot predict his behavior.”

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