Netizens outraged by Jolanta Pieńkowska's words about the basketball player: 'scandalous statement'

They just keep going European Championship in Basketball Men. The event was commented loudly in the Polish media, because our team is doing a great job. This is evidenced by Wednesday’s match, in which the Poles beat Slovenia by 90:87. On Friday, the semi-final match will be held with France.

Undoubtedly one of the stars Matthews BonnetkaWhich has been highly praised since the start of the tournament. No wonder there are more and more votes an athlete must hit NBA. We would like to remind you that another pole has recently joined the prestigious league, Jeremy Susan. The 19-year-old is the son of a Polish and American woman, and has spent most of his life in Great Britain.

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Unexpectedly, she decided to share her opinion about her NBA compatriots Jolanta Bikoska. The journalist made a surprising statement.

It would be great to see the Pole in the NBA. but one of us – Launched on TVN24.

As you can imagine, even though she didn’t directly say that she meant Sochan, her words caused a real storm on the web.

I do not really understand. What does “a magnate but one of us” mean?;

Let Mrs. Jolanta focus on the affairs of fashion politicians, and let her not broach on topics that she has no idea about.;

Suffice it to say that from our turn …;

Well, I was stunned, I thought I heard… Confused netizens write.

Channel + journalist Artur Kwiatkowski was also able to comment on the statement. Pieńkowska’s words made the worst impression on him, which was also echoed by other sports journalists.

Jolanta Pieńkowska says in the context of Mateusz Ponitka on TVN24 that it would be great to see a “pole of us” in the NBA… We’ll never learn – wrote on Twitter Artur Kwiatkowski.

Do you think Marcin Gortat actually heard what she said?

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30 minutes. Ago

She meant that he trained in Poland.

An unfortunate choice of words which is a false mistake for a journalist. However, there is something inside of him 😉 To me, he looks more like a chained American celebrity than a local basketball player

No, because the left with tvn is just pretending to be indulgent because it’s trendy and silently thinking about something else. They really resented this BTS guy who mocked him as the prettiest and he’s German

On the other hand, Sochan did not add a word of congratulations in social networks, so …

Recent Comments (91)

It is better to let her spend her husband’s money and not talk …

After all, she rightly said: he is not Polish.

The corpse of the left Tafalin is frustrating

Pienkowska should have disappeared from view a long time ago, her husband took her in the trunk, because they were chasing her, he deceived thousands of people

I have never liked it but you make a pitchfork out of a needle What a Polish named Jeremy Some of the Sushan people!!!!

Well, it’s not exactly us, half of it Americans, you have something badly damaged in those lefties’ heads.

And what did people expect from Pienkowska? After all, she cannot even read exactly what they wrote to her, first, second: you just have to look at her and you can see that this face is in no way burdened with intelligence.

pasla you are in…

2 minutes. Ago

I turn off TVN when I see these standing, dry mummies talking through my nose

What did she say wrong!? This is from us, this is from Poland!!! what’s wrong with that!? Where is any phobia or racism?! Maybe only fools who see what they want to see react to it!!!

You can see that Pieńkowska does not recognize dyed foxes 🙂

Why choose. Anyone can say something wrong….damn this political correctness…..let’s be human, not bots….

Perhaps this lady should focus on her husband and his failing bank…

I twice wrote to P. Pieńkowska asking for help in recovering money stolen by her husband’s bank, Leszek Cz. Unfortunately, you didn’t answer

Sushan represents Afrobato culture, not Polish culture.

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