Adam Małysz is full of pride.  This is how he supported his loved ones in Italy

In Polish ski jumping Things are not going well. After two weekends of the 2023/2024 season, our crew In the shadow of their competitors, The media is talking about the crisis more and more loudly. The results are alarming. “White and red” At the moment they are only in eighth place In the Nations Cup standings, they are as much as 920 points behind the Austrian leaders. Staff status It even surprised our competitors. Foreign media write without mentioning this “golden age” Polish ski jumping is coming to an end.

I kept getting signs that everything was under control and heading in the right direction. Now I have some other responsibilities, so I’m not close to the team, but I get to meet the coaches from time to time. The preparations seemed good, but here we had a big surprise. First in Ruka and now in Lillehammer. No one expected this turn of events

~ The President of the Polish Ski Federation revealed in an interview with Interia Sport.

The nicknamed player, despite trying to help the team, recently went on a short vacation with his loved ones. The reason for leaving was unique.

Coach of Polish jumpers after a disastrous weekend in Ruka. video/Press materials/Press materials

Adam Maisch goes skiing with his family. This is how he spends his vacation

“The Eagle from the Vistula” as an ardent fan of winter sports He couldn’t miss the opening ski season. The man accompanied his wife, Isabella, his daughter, Carolina, and her husband, Kamel, on a trip to the Italian city of Folgarida. December 3 Pole He celebrated his forty-sixth birthday On this occasion, the organizers presented him with a surprise during the opening dinner of the season. There was a huge cake waiting for Mayesh in the room, and… 240 people loudly sang “Happy Birthday” to him.

However, this was not the end of the sights, as there was also a big celebration The party is the subject With the idea of ​​Barbie. His daughter Karolina announced the event on Instagram “Czyżby.podróż” – which she runs with her partner.

“We arrived in the Italian city of Folgarida, where you can use up to 26 fast cars and… Modern ski lifts and 32 slopes. Most of them are open as of today, so we are officially opening the season,” the couple said online.

Interestingly, the PZN president’s family tested their mettle on the slope. A downhill skiing competition was organised. In the men’s category The athlete’s son-in-law won – Kamel Chase, and second place in the women’s category went to his wife, Carolina. The 46-year-old was responsible, among other things, for presenting medals to his loved ones. Later, he took on the role of photographer.

Adam Małysz went on a short vacation with his family to Italy /Agnieszka Maciaszczyk/INTERIA.PL

I practice sports/INTERIA.PL/Interior

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Adam Males, Isabella Maisch/Mieszko’s Big Five/Akba

Adam Malish, Isabella Malish, Karolina Malish/Baranowski Michel /Akba

Adam Males/Mieszko’s Big Five/Akba

Adam Males/Paul Morzin /East News

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