New information after the scandal about coach Legia.  “They are scared, they don't want to talk about what happened.” Football

corps Warsaw lost 0:1 against Wis³ ± Buck in round 18 Premier League And he fell to the last place in the table. After the meeting ended, the hooligan attacked the club bus. They shouted at the players, insulted and demanded more participation in the game and better results. Mahir Emreli and Lukinas were beaten with their elbows, according to the Azerbaijani media, the former received a recommendation to rest in bed.

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“If Lewandowski had played for this club, he would have won at least one golden ball”

Legia Warsaw responds to media reports. We work with the police.

A team from the country’s capital published the announcement just 16 hours later. “Legia Warsaw It is reported that on the way back after losing the 18th round of Ekstraklasa, there was an incident involving a group of people behaving aggressively. In line with the previous arrangements and precautions, the coach with the players returned to the training center accompanied by the police. Despite these guarantees, the car was stopped temporarily, then a few people got into the bus and showed aggression towards the players ”- the club began.

“As a result of the police’s intervention, the group was immediately dismantled, and the details of the incident have been verified since yesterday with the police who made an official announcement on the case. The club takes the incident very seriously and seeks to explain it fully, at the same time strongly condemning all forms of outlawed aggression. In which Sports Regardless of the level of feelings. We affirm that we consider such actions to be unacceptable and harmful. We are working with the police to clarify the circumstances of this incident and take the following necessary actions “- we read.

“We are currently in discussions with the players, after which we will decide together the next official steps. We have also taken immediate decisions to increase security measures in and around the club’s facilities. Our priority is to explain the matter fully and provide support and a sense of safety to all players and club staff “- adds Legia. The announcement did not mention the resignation of Marek Gubivsky and the re-employment of Alexander Vukovich, but a separate announcement in the coming hours should not be ruled out.

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