November 28, 2022


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Adam Macys praised his new work.  You will never guess what he will do

Adam Macys praised his new work. You will never guess what he will do

Adam Malish She is a legend of figure skating, who became famous in Poland and achieved many successes on the international scene. After the end of his career, he changed the system and went to rallies, where he can also boast of achievements. Since 2022, he has been the president of the Polish Ski Association, and now he has received a new job offer. It could be a big surprise.

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Adam Małysz will write columns

Adam Ma³ysz He announced via social media that he has become a columnist for “EVO” and that his career and auto stories will be available to read in the coming weeks.

For a few more weeks you can buy the second issue of “EVO” magazine, where as a columnist I tell my stories related to the auto industry and more. Plus, the pages are full of great photos and text about the various cool cars for every budget. I invite you from the bottom of my heart! – Adam Meeis revealed.

Adam Mays reveals a recipe for a successful marriage

Adam Małysz was establishing a successful marriage with Isabella Meyes. In one episodeDancing with the starsA previously unpublished video of their wedding has been shownAnd the athlete himself during the interview They revealed their recipe for a healthy relationship. It turned out that due to the crossroads, they could not spend much time in each other’s company, which allowed them to get to know each other and constantly discover each other. They perfectly coped with this task.

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