Actress Emily Blunt apologizes for calling waitress ‘huge’

British-American actress Emily Blunt apologized for calling a waitress “big” in a 2012 TV interview. The The Jonathan Ross Show.

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The clip resurfaced in recent weeks, with host Jonathan Rose saying that all Americans who eat Chili’s are adults.

The actress later recounted an incident during a shoot: “The lady who served me was great. [probablement] Free food in Chile.

After learning about the video, Emily Blunt publicly apologized in an interview with the magazine on Friday People.

“I’m appalled that what I said was so insensitive, offensive and off-topic,” she said.

“I’ve always considered myself someone who doesn’t want to hurt anyone, so whatever comes over me, saying something like that is completely unknown to me and everything I believe in,” she continues. “But it happened, and I’m sorry for the hurt. I’m old enough to know we have to do better.”

The actress is particularly known for acting in successful films The devil wears Prada, without noise, Sicario and, more recently, Oppenheimer.

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