Télé-Québec confirms what many feared for Christian Begin

On Monday, Télé-Québec confirmed what many feared; Host Christian Begin has been forced to skip filming his popular summer show due to health issues. There are masses of people.

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We requested it just last weekAndre Robitaille Following a series of photos published on social networks, Christian Begin sat in the chair, in which we can see the presenter Television children In a familiar setting There are masses of people.

Télé-Québec finally confirmed the speculation at the end of the day, on Monday.

So it will be Andre Robitaille who will take his friend Christian Begin’s chair.

Bear in mind that Bijin underwent emergency surgery for health concerns in the past few weeks, while he has already started filming for the show that will air from May 12. He even had to postpone his show tour 8 Deadly Sins.

Due to this fact, at the beginning of the season, Christian Begin can be found in animation, and eventually, Rabbitail will take his place on a temporary basis.

Although Télé-Québec reassured by posting on its social networks, viewers are still worried about Christian Begin’s health.

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