Taylor Swift Drops 'Fate' From Anti-Hero Music Video

Taylor Swift edited her anti-hero music video to remove the word “fat” amid online outcry.

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The ‘Shake It Off’ singer released her new music video on Friday, the first single from her new album midnightsAnd she immediately came under fire from netizens who accused her of being “fat-phobic” on social media.

The footage in question shows a casual, first Taylor standing on a bathroom scale, looking down to read the word “fat” on it, while Taylor shakes her head at the scene.

In the edited version, now available on YouTube and Apple Music, the clip no longer shows what scale the singer is adjusting to: she can be seen simply standing there as her evil alter ego shows her disapproval.

The superstar, who has yet to comment on the change, told fans ahead of the song’s release that he is delving deeper into his complexes than ever before, adding that the video features “horrific visuals and [ses] Intrusive thoughts.

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In his 2020 documentary, Miss Americana, the singer revealed that she has suffered from eating disorders in the past. She admitted she felt “too big” when she saw a paparazzi photo and it “shocked” her.[ait] Sometimes starving”. The sequence of scales in the “Anti-Hero” clip he wrote and directed may echo this confession.

The 32-year-old singer is currently on a promotional tour midnights and will appear on British talk show The Graham Norton Show on Friday. On Thursday night, while taping in London for the show, Taylor Swift surprised fans at a Bon Iver concert. He appeared on stage at the OVO Arena in Wembley alongside frontman Justin Vernon and The National’s Aaron Desner. Together, the three artists performed “Exile” live for the first time. His album features both Folklore As of 2020, Aaron Dessner co-wrote and co-produced.

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