At the age of 64, her sexy selfie caused a stir



The actress took to Instagram to share a photo of herself in a bikini revealing an impeccable plastic body.

This is not cinema: Posted by Selfie Sharon Stone Her Instagram account shows that the years have passed but not affected her beauty and her image. At 64, smiling and natural, the actress posed in front of her mirror for a simple shot in a bikini. In the background, a photo of Marilyn Monroe recalls her admiration for the Hollywood star. The photo sparked a wave of praise on the social network and was sometimes summed up by strings of “heart” emojis. Without false modesty but with humor, Sharon Stone notes: “Why do I always get back into shape when the summer is over?”.

true, Other images were shared in July Make sure age doesn’t affect her. However, life put her warrior body to the test. Last June, she confided in “People” magazine. Nine miscarriages have passed He laments that these plays are still the object of a kind of social taboo: “Physically and emotionally it is nothing, but we are made to feel that it is something to be endured alone and in secret with a sense of failure.”

What is after this ad?

But the “Basic Instinct” actress has always known how to turn hardships into strength, supporting a rigorous lifestyle supported by an unfailing will: “In every exercise session, I work on a different part of the body,” she explained. Magazine in 2014. A job accomplished through “eight-hour nights, fruit for breakfast and daily stretches in the pool.” Simple but effective!

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