A tourist got a tattoo in Morocco.  The Internet is full of laughter

Caitlin Delphine runs a popular TikTok account where she shares her lonely, Travel on a low budget around the world. The recordings she shared had thousands of views, but one video attracted special attention from netizens. It has already been viewed more than 1.6 million times.

I got a tattoo in Morocco. The internet is crying with laughter

In a short video, Caitlin told her extraordinary story. Recently, the Swedish woman spontaneously went on a trip to Morocco. For several days she lived in a hostel, in one room with two complete strangers.

During this time, the woman was able to love her “roommates.” They even convinced them to get the same tattoo so they could have a memento of this unique friendship for the rest of their lives.

The rest of the article is below the video

The trio went to a tattoo parlor in Morocco, where they all got tattoos in Arabic.. In the video shared online, Caitlin held her phone with the Google Lens translation function turned on over the tattoo.

It turns out that the beautiful inscription in Arabic literally means… “mayonnaise.”. Netizens burst into laughter. Some are delighted by the crazy idea of ​​tourists, others are embarrassed. There were a lot of comments under the video.

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