April 1, 2023


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A Sun So Big in Advance: Melissa’s Horrific Descent into Hell, Alix Trapped (Friday March 3, 2023 Episode France 2)

Inez moved away from the camp because of the winter Such a big sun . So, he got a job as a waiter with the new owner 101. With her colleague Melissa, she develops a crazy friendship, but the latter hides many things. In fact, she had been sexually assaulted the previous day during a video shoot for James. In episode 1098, broadcast on Friday March 3, 2023 in the evening on France 2 Antenna, Melissa drowns in her grief.

Inès calls for help in Un si Grand soleil

She struggles to get out of bed and she didn’t open the bar this morning. Fabrice worries about the rest of their collaboration, and he presents the idea to Inès that he can replace her. But Carrie’s daughter (Alban Amert) to save her from this dire situation, she asks him to redesign her so that she doesn’t lose her job. However, she feels that her friend is hiding something from her. Melissa (Hermine Granville) loses his temper and gets angry with her and blames her for constantly seeing her.

Later, Inès (Mewa El Arouzi) worries about his colleague and is convinced that he should stop working with James. Worried that she is alone in her descent into hell. She mo (Frederique Kamatari) but the teacher didn’t think her friend was ready to talk to her about it. She immediately gets a call from Enzo (Taylor Assizes), because the latter no longer responds to messages. Then Melissa asks her lover to stop tormenting her. Enzo doesn’t understand his attitude.

Hélène says goodbye to Christine in France 2’s Antennae

In the gallery, the final act of Debinod’s paintings begins. mark (Caesar Merrick) discovers the famous source that Alix has been hiding (Nadia Fossier) in departmental archives. Meanwhile, Christian buys all the definodes from Alix, despite Helen’s reluctance (Sophie Leigh Delier) before leaving Montpellier, he promises to come back to Helen to show her the beautiful corners of Montpellier. When she calls her accomplice, Alix admits to cheating on the paintings. Christian (Nils Ohlund) congratulates himself on handling ” Those little dogs “.

A continuation of the adventures of the inhabitants of Montpellier can be found in the next unpublished series. Such a big sun Aired on France 2 from Monday to Friday at 8:45pm.

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