A story of a stormy friendship.  Actresses fought for roles in the greatest Polish films

On January 30, Magorzata Braunek will celebrate her 76th birthday. The actress, known primarily as Oleńka from The Deluge, lost her battle with cancer in 2014. Film fans remember her as a delicate, beautiful and sensitive woman. But for some, it was a curse. I got a strong reluctance from Barbara Brylska, even though both actresses initially had a great friendship…

The two artists became friends in the early 1970s. Braunek was a partner of director Andrzej Żuławski, with whom she was expecting a child. On the other hand, Brylska then married well-known gynecologist Ludwik Kosmal. He led Majorzata’s pregnancy and also took care of the delivery process. Then the couple became very close to each other. Apparently, Barbara was a little jealous of her friend being a mother, she was having it herself.

Braunek took over Brylska’s roles

Everything started to go wrong because of… “The Devil”. In 1971, Żuławski began preparing a film with that title, among the cast of which was his friend Brylska. Imagine her surprise when she got a call from production that she had been fired after a few initial takes. As it turns out, her role was given to Braunek. There was a big scandal, and the case went to court. The result was that the director’s lover worked for free, and the filmmakers’ association gave the dismissed actress the salary. Then the couple’s intimacy broke out, and the two ladies have avoided each other like the plague ever since. Although, years later, they seemed to agree that it was Żuławski’s fault.

Two years later, fate brought them back to the professional ring. Jerzy Hofmann was preparing “The Flood” at the time. And again Brylska was already preparing for the role of Olenka. She won the referendum for the role. Once again, it was unexpectedly announced that Majorzata Pronik will be alongside Daniel Olbryczki as Kmicic.

Apparently, after “Pan Wołodyjowski” the director did not want to collaborate with Brylska. The victim considered herself a conspiracy and eventually removed her friend from her friend list.

Tragedy in the Brylska family

Who knows how Brylska’s fate would have turned out, if not for these two painful defeats with Pronik. The first began to play in Soviet productions and became a superstar of the then USSR. The latter, on the wave of success, also played in “The Doll” and retired from the profession for many years, playing less significant roles. Falling into the shadows, she converted to Buddhism and announced her spiritual changes.

In 1993, the paths of both stars crossed again. This time in a very tragic way. Xavery Żuławski, Braunek’s son, has fallen in love with Basia Kosmal, Bryska’s daughter. The young people were inseparable. While returning from Łódź to Warsaw, the car the future director was driving skidded and crashed into a tree. The model died, and he survived. For Brylska, this was the end of the world. But she forgave Xavier. Majorzata did her best to support her son and try to get close to her ex-girlfriend. However, they did not have the chance to meet again. Moving to the countryside near Warsaw, Brawniek returned to acting in the series “Nad rozlewiskiem” and performed until her death in 2014.


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