December 5, 2022


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A solar storm will hit the Earth. It may disable GPS and radio signals

A solar storm is expected to hit Earth today or in the coming days, potentially disrupting satellite radio and GPS signals.

The storm’s origin comes from coronal mass ejections, the release of plasma and magnetic energy that was blasted off the Sun on July 15 through unstable magnetic filaments. These explosions release 100,000 times more energy than all power plants on Earth generate in a year. According to The Independent, we will be feeling the effects of the eruptions in the next few days.

NASA predicted a “snake-like filament” effect from the sun on July 19. Dr. Tamitha Skov believes it would be a “direct hit” to Earth. In her Twitter post, she warned that we should “expect Radio interference and GPS on the night side of the Earth“It is also possible that the storm will be visible in some areas of the Earth.

“Direct hit! Snake-like filaments set off as a large solar storm in the area of ​​impact with Earth. NASA expects an impact on July 19. Strong auroras are possible, deep in the mid-latitudes. Amateur radio and GPS users expect signal interference The Night Side of the Earth. – Skov wrote on Twitter.

Could have strong solar storms Serious effects on human activities. Some studies indicate this Satellites fall out of their orbits Due to the increased activity of the solar wind, a Smaller units are completely destroyed. Solar storms can also Negative impact on critical infrastructure such as power grids, telecommunications equipment and the Internet.

Konrad Siwick, journalist at Wirtualna Polska