How effective is the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?  There is new scientific data

While the data changes rapidly, we see the effectiveness of the vaccine from the perspective of protecting against hospitalization associated with COVID-19 at about 80% after a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Dr. Mathai Mamin, Vice President of Pharmaceuticals at Janssen Research & Development LLC, Johnson & Johnson, emphasized that protection remains at a constant level throughout the period studied so far, up to 6 months.

The durability of our vaccine reflects its essential immunomodulatory properties. As mentioned earlier, our vaccine elicits a strong antibody response as well as an increase in T lymphocytes in the presence of all virus variants and thus also the omicron variant.

Vaccine efficacy

at the gate medRxiv A new study has been published looking at the protective profiles of all three approved vaccines in the United States. The same methodology was used for all formulas for the following three parameters:

  • infections that break down COVID-19,
  • hospital treatment,
  • Admission to intensive care units.

The study showed that the effectiveness of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine against COVID-19 in fighting breakthrough infection and protecting against hospitalization was stable for up to 6 months.

The mRNA vaccines (two doses) showed low efficacy in protecting against hospitalization and breakthrough infections, with a single dose of Janssen against COVID-19 being less effective than the mRNA vaccine given in two doses.

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Source: Janssen, medRxiv


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